Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day

When Kendall woke up we went out and opened presents. She got a pillow pet, a little kitchen, train, a turtle night light shines stars on the ceiling, and some puffs and tub toys in her stocking. Shad got some new cologne, wallet, and some new shoes. I got a new purse, perfume, and a DVD. We all had a great Christmas.

Kendall in her Christmas dress.... the dress did not last long. She was allergic to the fur or something. Her eyes got all watery and red. She looked cute while it lasted!

My family comes over on Christmas.. we eat tons of food and play some games (i am awful at remembering to get pictures so I only got this one). Here is all of the kids on the stairs... don't worry when the picture was over all the kids got up and let Kendall fall down the stairs.

Jay and Debbie gave Kendall this cute wagon for Christmas. Shad put it together and put her toys in it and pulled her around the house. She thought that was pretty cool.

the mother load... I would say she did pretty good for her first Christmas!

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JODI said...

OMG I love Kendall's x-mas dress, she looks so cute!!! She got spoiled on Christmas. Ü