Sunday, January 18, 2009

Better late then never, Right?

I found this picture on Shad's camera so I thought I would post it. Shad went hunting in November with some of his friends. They go to Montanna deer hunting. Shad finally got one this year. He is getting the head mounted and THINKS he is going to hang it in our new house. I told him the garage is free or the basement. =) Not sure of the size or anything, but I think it was a pretty nice one.

Before and After...

Shad had a great idea to shave his goatee into a handle bar mushtache. Here are some before and after pictures. Thank goodness it only lasted a day. =)

The best part is that he took these pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror!

Work In Progress...

The exterior of the home is almost complete. We still need to get garage doors and front steps. Shad is working on the interior of the home. He is working on the tile, finish work, and will soon start to paint. We are getting excited to move in.

Close up of the rock and brick.

Fireplace... I call that the "Man Mantel"

Shad hard at work..

He is doing such an amazing job!

We finally have stairs going into the house.
They are much nicer to use then the ladder.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't really have any pictures to post. I was not very good at taking pictures on Christmas Eve or Christmas. We had a great holiday. Christmas Eve we spent with Shad's family. We played games and just enjoyed each others company. Christmas day we spent with my family. Everyone came over and we ate, and watched the kids open their presents. It was crazy, but fun.

The house is coming along... I would post pictures but it has been covered in plastic so there really is not much to see. The outside is finished. Whats left on the inside is the finish work, tile, hardwood, carpet, and paint (not in that order). We are getting anxious to move in. We were hoping to be in by February, but are thinking it will be closer to March.

Shad and I are getting ready to go on our cruise, and we are excited about that. We leave on January 23rd. It will be so nice to get out of this cold weather! Hopefully Shad will relax and not worry about the house..

We hope everyone had a good Holiday!! Hope the new year brings everyone joy!