Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Baby!

Here are Kendall's 3 month pictures. I don't know if they could be any cuter!!! She is so sweet. She is starting to laugh and I love it! She has not laughed really laughed at me, but she will laugh at Shad. Guess he is funnier then me!! My friend Ashely Bennett took these pictures. She did a great job. If you want pictures you should give her a call!! Thanks Ashley

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

On the 4th of July we started the day out by going to the Plain City parade. It was pretty chilly the wind was blowing. People were wearing sweatshirts and coats. Kendall was wearing a tank and shorts so we had to keep her bundled up. She loved watching the parade and the kids play in front of us. She fell asleep half way through the parade. Then we just stayed at the park and watched some of the activities they had going on. It was a fun day! Hope everyone had a fun 4th!!

waiting for the parade to start

tired from a long day..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun at the Splash Park

We met Brooklyn and her kids and Brittney and the boys at the splash park in Riverdale on Thursday. The kids were having a great time. The best part is it is FREE!! Kendall liked watching the kids play and liked all of the colors. She did not get wet, but maybe before summer is over she can.

Ella and Will.. Ella is funny, she would stay on the sidelines she did not get to wet.

Cormick... Isn't he so cute? He is so squishy!


All the kids were in their swim suits so I had to put Kendall in hers! She looked so dang cute!

Kendall's First Movie

We went to see Toy Story 3 with some of my family. Kendall loved the movie, OK I loved the movie and Kendall slept the whole time.
Me, Kendall, Will, and Ella

Baby Contest

We put Kendall in the Plain City 4th of July baby contest. It was pretty fun. You just walked your baby up and the judges looked at them. Kendall won the "Cutest Features".

All of the babies

They had this cute little backdrop set up so you could take pictures.

2 Month Appointment

Kendall had her 2 month check up on June 17th. I was so nervous to go because of the shots but she did pretty good. She was just really sleepy the rest of the day.
Weight 9.1 10%
Height 22.25 50%

Ready to go!! Happy as can be =)
After... sleeping on Mom

1st Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Shad!! Kendall is lucky to have you as her Daddy!